Pauwel Kwak Beer

Pauwel KwakThis beer is from a friend from the Netherlands, and that’s why I’m writing this wanna be review in English.

Pauwel Kwak is a strong Belgian ale produced by Brouwerij Bosteels, a brewery founded in 1791 that is still owned and operated by the same family, now its seventh generation.

Aspect: Dark amber colour, slightly reddish, immense head.

Nose & aroma: toffee, caramelized grains, yeast, overripe banana and bitter herbs.

Taste/mouthfeel: balanced, lightly carbonated, a bit spicy, long bitter sweet finish

The 8.4% alcohol level is barely present. Quite fresh actually, considering its alcohol level and sweetness.

Note its cool as hell glass and stand!

P.S. I wonder if you can find it in Auchan Romania 🙂

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